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King Bach - Bach Driver

Featured tracks 'Rules' and 'Omega' by Agent Midi

Thicker Than Blood (Trailer)

Score music by Agent Midi

AJ The Menace - Ride (Produced/Mixed by Agent Midi)

Liion Gamble - Choices (Produced/Mixed by Agent Midi)

SOUL - Score music by Agent Midi

Killa Key - Die For It (Prod. by Agent Midi)

Die For It - Killa Key
00:00 / 00:00

Everything Is Me - Original music by Agent Midi

AJ The Menace - Trumpet Intro

Produced/Mixed by Agent Midi

AJ The Menace - Own $h!t

Produced/Mixed by Agent Midi

Heiress of the Echelon Album

Mixed/Mastered by Agent Midi

Gradients EP

Mixed/Mastered by Agent Midi

Descendent - Not Listening

Produced/Mixed by Agent Midi